Friends of Parks

The Friends of Parks groups in the London Borough of Sutton are looking to recruit more volunteers. Each year hundreds of people regularly help with the borough’s 80 parks, which cover 438 hectares – about 8.5 per cent of the borough.

There are around a dozen Friends of the Parks groups, each consisting of between five and 100 people. Some Friends of Parks volunteers are very active, tidying up their park by picking up litter, painting signs and doing all sorts of things to help.

When people volunteer they are asked to join an existing Friends of Parks group. Should they be interested in a park without a friends group (Cuddington, Dorchester and Buckland Recreation Grounds?) it is suggested that they get together with neighbours and friends and set one up, by either contacting their ward councillors or the Park Service. They will then be sent a draft constitution, which they can then amend, and which will help them set up a new group.

To volunteer and join one of the Friends of Parks groups or to found a new group, contact Mark Dazell, Head of Parks at Sutton Council, on 020 8770 4695 or email