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Works at A24 London Rd – Langley Ave to Trafalgar Ave

Road works information from TfL

London Highways Alliance Contract (LoHAC) workers, on behalf of Transport for London (TfL), are planning to carry out footway improvements on the A24 London Road from Langley Avenue to Trafalgar Avenue.

Why are we doing this work?

This work is part of the Road Modernisation Plan, the biggest investment for a generation consisting of hundreds of projects to transform junctions, bridges, tunnels and pedestrian areas. Working with London’s boroughs it will make our roads safer and more reliable.

Where and when will the work take place?

Works are planned to start on Monday 4 January 2016 and will last until April 2016, depending on weather conditions. Working hours will be between 08:00 and 20:00.

Night works are planned to start on Monday 22 February 2016 and will last until Friday 4 March 2016, depending on weather conditions. Working hours will be between 21:00 to 05:00.

What we would like you to know

During these works, footway closures will be in place during the day and temporary traffic lights will be in place at night.

We will make every effort to ensure that noisy operations are completed before midnight although vehicle reversing warning beepers will be in use to protect workers and the public. Access for emergency services will be maintained at all times during the works.

Keeping London moving

We have worked closely with LoHAC and the London Borough of Sutton, to reduce the impact of these works on road users, local residents and businesses as far as possible.
I hope you will appreciate that a certain level of disruption is inevitable, and I apologise in advance for any inconvenience that may be caused as a result of these essential works.

Further information

Should you require further information or an update during the delivery of these works, please contact our Customer Services team on 0343 222 1234 or via the web at

Temporary closure of ‘Pig Alley’ footpath

Pig Alley, Worcester Park
Pig Alley, Worcester Park

The section of public footpath running between Boscombe Road and Trafalgar Avenue, known locally as Pig Alley, will be closed from Monday 10 November 2014 for approximately one month. The closure is necessary while a shared use footpath for pedestrians and cyclists is constructed along this section of the footpath.

This will form the first section of a new cycle route which will eventually run from the Garth Road / Green Lane junction in the London Borough of Merton along Green Lane to the stables then via the current footpath to Trafalgar Road and onwards towards Sutton. Subsequent sections of the route will be constructed as funding is identified and allocated. It is hoped the section from Boscombe Road to the stables in Green Lane will be constructed next year.

Cycle route plan – section 1

Cycle route notice – section 1

Emergency electricity works in Central Road

Due to recent high voltage faults on the network and recent interruptions to our electricity supply UK Power Networks plan to overlay a 250 metre section of new cable in Central Road, Worcester Park.

The works will involve placing multi-phase traffic signals in the carriageway to enable them to excavate and install a new piece of high voltage network.

The works will take place from the entrance to Waitrose car park in Stone Place and then down Central Road to just beyond the junction of Green Lane.

The works will start on the 28 July 2014 and last for 4 weeks. They will be working extended hours whilst works are in progress to try to minimise disruption.

Proposed cycle route for Worcester Park

Proposed improvements to the footpath between Boscombe Road and Trafalgar Avenue could provide a new off-road cycle route for Worcester Park.

The proposal is to up-grade the existing footpath, by providing a 3m wide tarmac path and allowing pedestrians and cyclists to use it.

The benefit of improving the path is to encourage more journeys by bicycle and on foot. This section of path is part of a longer route that leads to the borough boundary with Merton to the north at Green Lane. Merton Council have recently up-graded their section of Green Lane to provide a good surface for pedestrians and cyclists. It is not intended to provide street lighting along the path as it is to be promoted as a daytime route only.

Residents near the route are being asked  for their comments but if you have any thoughts on this proposal you can e-mail quoting reference T30086/3 by Friday 25 July 2014.

The results of this consultation will be reported to your ward councillors for consideration.

All change at Worcester Park station

Worcester Park station following footbridge removal
Worcester Park station following footbridge removal

You may have noticed from this weekend’s Social Media activity or from a visit to Worcester Park station that things have changed. The new footbridge and lifts are now open and the old footbridge has disappeared. It is sad to lose the old bridge which was part of the character of the station but the new bridge and lifts now make the station fully accessible and, as a bonus, enable you to change platforms under cover.

The new layout should also reduce the queues for the Oyster card readers and crush for the exits during the evening rush hour by splitting those heading for the Kingston side of the station and car park from those needing to go to the Sutton side and shops. It may even make the front two coaches of ‘down’ trains a little less crowded as people reposition themselves for pole position to cross the new bridge.

View from new Worcester Park station footbridge without old footbridge
View from new Worcester Park station footbridge without old footbridge

It feels like it has taken a long while to complete the project but it’s good to see the benefits now available to Worcester Park rail travellers.

Cash free buses arriving soon

In case you hadn’t noticed, from Sunday 6 July, all London buses are going cash free, so you will no longer be able to use cash to pay for your bus fare.

Instead of cash, you can use an Oyster or contactless payment card to pay as you go. A single pay as you go fare is £1.45.

If you don’t have enough credit on your Oyster card or your Oyster Bus & Tram Pass or Oyster Travelcard has just expired, you can now make one more journey on a bus. You must then top up before you can use your Oyster card again.

For more information visit

Changes to train services this weekend – good and bad

In football score terms it could be viewed as Malden Manor 0 Worcester Park 4.

Saturday 11 Jan 2014
Trains between London Waterloo and Chessington South will only run between Wimbledon and Chessington South. Travellers should use alternative services between London Waterloo and Wimbledon.

Sunday 12 Jan 2014
Engineering work is taking place between Motspur Park and Chessington South, closing the line.
Trains between London Waterloo and Chessington South are diverted to terminate / start from Epsom.
Buses will run between Worcester Park and Chessington South line stations including Malden Manor.
Journey times may be extended by at least 30 minutes.
Worcester Park will benefit by having its service increased from 2 to 4 trains per hour.

National Rail Future engineering works

Crossrail 2 Consultation Report

TfL carried out the first public consultation on Crossrail 2 between 14 May and 2 August 2013 and the results of the consultation are now available.

London Borough of Sutton supports the Epsom route and a stop at Worcester Park on this route to serve the people of Sutton. The Council is also currently lobbying for an extension of the Croydon tram from Wimbledon to Sutton, and linking this to Crossrail 2 at Wimbledon, is seen as an additional benefit.

Full report:

CrossRail 2 information: