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Volunteer Drivers Wanted

As a Sutton Library Service Delivery Volunteer you will be visiting individual people, within your own community, who are no longer able to visit the library due to either permanent or temporary infirmity or disability. Although a large number of our Library Housebound Service clients are elderly, people of any age may and do use the service.

As well as bringing the library to their home, for many Library Housebound Service clients, their library visitor is also a social contact and this is an important part of your role. You must have excellent customer care communication skills.

This is voluntary work and the amount of time you are able to give is appreciated. We would stress that for our Library Housebound Service readers, continuity is essential; so you should be able to give a regular commitment in terms of day and time – be that on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. When considering this type of voluntary work, you should consider the number of hours you can give, on which days and how often, which will determine the maximum number of readers you will be able to visit.

To give Library Housebound Service readers a choice of reading and other material, a selection of books or talking books will be provided for you to take to each reader. Please be aware that there is some carrying of books involved.

As our Library Housebound Service clients may be spread around a locality, it is essential that you have a driving licence, as you will be required to drive a small van.

Although it would be useful if you are a reader yourself, this is not essential. Staff and volunteers at the library from which you are working will be supporting you through selecting the books to help you satisfy the reading tastes of your clients.

Contact Kelvin Knight on 0208 642 5496.

Sutton Old Peoples Welfare Committee – working in partnership with the London Borough of Sutton.

Contactless payments on bus, train and underground

In case you hadn’t noticed, you can now use a contactless payment card for travel in Greater London, there is no need to top-up or buy a ticket, meaning you can get on board quicker. Your bank may have already issued you with one of these.

When using Contactless payment cards you will be charged an adult-rate pay as you go fare, the same as Oyster. Always touch in and out as you would with an Oyster card.

Daily and Monday to Sunday fare capping automatically works out the best value for contactless travel based on when and how you use it. You will need to use the same contactless payment card for all your journeys.

To see your contactless journey and payment history, as well as to apply for refunds, add your contactless payment card to your online account. For more details, including how to set this up, visit

New Sutton Councillors sign on

The six new Councillors elected in the Sutton Council wards of Worcester Park and Nonsuch signed on the dotted line last night and are now officially representing residents on Sutton Council.
Their details can be found on the Government page of this site and full details will also appear on the Council site soon.