An assortment of maps to help get to or around Worcester Park.

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Where is Worcester Park?

It’s not… To avoid common confusion, it has no connection with Worcester and is not in Worcestershire.

It is… Worcester Park straddles the borders of the London Boroughs of Sutton and Kingston plus the Surrey Borough of Epsom & Ewell. It is adjacent to the London Borough of Merton.

Map links

Google Map of Worcester Park including places found on this site.

Sutton Open Maps Uses Sutton Council data to show cycle parking, grit bins, leisure centres, libraries, playgrounds, primary schools, recycling centres, secondary schools and toilets within the London Borough of Sutton.

Google Earth ‘fly’ over Worcester Park and stop to see some photos. If you don’t have Google Earth on your computer download a free copy. map of Worcester Park.

Worcester Park Election Map This map will help you to visualise the complicated parliamentary and local council boundaries that cover Worcester Park.

World War Two Bomb map of Sutton, Cheam and Worcester Park.

Bus ‘spider’ map Transport for London (TFL) bus ‘spider’ map showing routes from Worcester Park.

Bus map Transport for London (TFL) bus map for Worcester Park and south west London.

Public transport zone map Tube, Train, DLR and Tram Travelcard and ticket zone map for Worcester Park and the the rest of Greater London.

Historic photos

This section shouldn’t strictly be on the Maps page of the site but we couldn’t think of a better place. Suggestions please!

Britain From Above Historic aerial photos of Worcester Park.