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Fracking in Kingston by US company unlikely, Davey claims

The ground beneath Kingston is unlikely to be “fracked” for oil and gas, Energy Secretary and Kingston and Surbiton MP Edward Davey has said.

Parts of New Malden and Worcester Park sit inside an area where a US company could carry out fossil fuel explorations.

This is Local London: www.thisislocallondon.co.uk/news/10603779._Fracking__in_Kingston_by_US_company_unlikely__Davey_claims/

Sutton and Cheam MP Paul Burstow asks Foreign Office for help in fight for St Raphael Hospice’s future

The MP for Sutton and Cheam is taking the fight to secure the future of St Raphael’s Hospice all the way to the Pope.

Catholic charity, The Daughters of the Cross, are planning to sell St Anthony’s Hospital in North Cheam but residents are concerned for the neighbouring St Raphael’s Hospice which relies on a £1m invisible subsidy from the private hospital.

Your Local Guardian: www.yourlocalguardian.co.uk/news/local/suttonnews/10550532.MP_asks_Foreign_Office_for_help_in_fight_for_St_Raphael_Hospice_s_future/

Sutton and Cheam MP Paul Burstow and Waitrose supermarket manager show support for local charities

The MP for Sutton and Cheam and the manager of Waitrose in Worcester Park presented six cheques to local charities.

Your Local Guardian: www.yourlocalguardian.co.uk/news/local/suttonnews/10201689.MP_and_supermarket_manager_show_support_for_local_charities/